Photo by Susan Spaulding

Sure, Roger wondered if he should have mentioned finding the old shoe behind the firebox he had been hired to replace, to the new owners.  

It had, after all, been his first thought.

However, in the end, Roger’s desire to possess the unique link to the past was a lot stronger than his desire to ask them what they wanted done with it. ‘After all,’ he had convinced himself, ‘it would probably just be swallowed up by some historical society and neither one of us would get it..’

Truth be told, it had served as a harbinger of good luck since he acquired it. His wife conceived their first child, something the doctors had said would never happen.

His boss had a sudden desire to move back east to be nearer his grandchildren and sold him the masonry company he worked for- at a ridiculously low price.

And then there was the little matter of his mother’s cancer going into remission….

But who is to say his good fortune was any more directly related to his possessing the old shoe, than it was to the new owner and his entire family dying of typhoid within weeks of taking up residency?

Word Count: 200

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

15 thoughts on “Harbinger

  1. Awesome. If you haven’t yet, try giving a shot to this British TV Series called ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.’ It’s about a cop who gets the possession of a bracelet that brings him luck, but every time he uses that bracelet for luck, some misfortune happens to someone else, usually those closest to him.

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