Don’t fence me in

I don’t mind wakin’ up at the break of dawn
To pack your lunch and put the coffee on
I don’t mind doin’ dishes or pushin’ a broom
I kinda take pleasure in cleanin’ a room

I don’t mind givin’ the lawn a mowin'
Gardenin’s alright, I’ll do the hoein’
I don’t even mind takin’ the trash to the bin
But whatever you do, don’t fence me in.

Now, I’m okay with makin’ your bed
And seein’ that you and the kids get fed
I don’t even mind puttin’ gas in the car
Or pickin’ you up late nights at the bar

You can count on me to treat you right
Warm up your bed on a cold winter night
Make you proud afore kit and kin
But huh uh honey don’t fence me in...

Word Count: 135

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge


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