Mary McGrath

I once knew a girl

Named Mary McGrath

Who’d do anything

To avoid taking a bath


She’d run and she’d hide

She’d slip and she’d slither

Till her father was fit

And her mom in a dither


A brown crust it settled

Between the cracks in her toes

Wax dried in her ears

And snots in her nose.


Her hair a birds nest

Even fleas would avoid

Her breath so atrocious

Even dogs were annoyed


This went on for years

Her games and her ploys

Till one day she grew up

and discovered boys!


Well that changed it all

Today she couldn’t be neater

All plaited and pressed

And she smells so much sweeter!


This was written for Chelsea Ann Owens Terrible Poetry Contest.


19 thoughts on “Mary McGrath

  1. Wow! I like your mind Violet. Where did that come from. It reminded me of my junior school. I grew up in a very slummy area of East London. We had a health nurse visit the school twice a year to inspect us. I remember she wanted to inspect our feet and so we all lined up taking our shoes and socks off awaiting inspection. The boy in front of me had to literally peel his socks off his feet and he stunk to high heaven. He had probably not removed them for weeks. Some images just never leave your mind.

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