Photo Courtesy of Anshu Bhojnagarwala

It would have been impossible to have overlooked Firenza. Her blazing red hair and that incendiary smile. A beauty, full of fire and smoking sensuality.  When she made her entrance into a room, sparks flew. Men of all ages became the tinder to her well tended flame. Ah yes, the incandescence that was Firenza….

And had you witnessed the scorching heat that evening she and Diesel were introduced, you would know first hand the meaning of the word combustible. Two people, melded together by loves eternal flame. Well, that and one clumsily misplaced ember from a half smoked cigarette…

Word Count: 99

Written for Friday Fictioneers

85 thoughts on “Firenza

  1. Your relentless series of fire-y words gave me the nagging feeling, that this tinderbox of a relationship couldnt end well. Always satisfying, when the figurative and literal jive with one another.


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