Second Chance

passion by Nora Troll

I was given
a second chance
at passion.
It consumed me
oh, so many years ago.
I sold a husband
and my children
to obtain it.
And if I’d had it-
I would have sold
a whole lot more.
It was the kind of love
that people burn in hell for.
It was the kind of love
that burns you to the ground.
It was the kind of love
that leaves no (wo)man standing-
and in the end
it was both of us
that drown.
You might think
that kind of love
is curse-ed.
You might think
no love is worth
all that much pain.
You might think
I am better off
for having lost it-
but if I could
I would do it all, again.

13 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. Hm… I’m intrigued as to why (wo)man has the wo in parentheses. Because the main character (I think this is memoir based, so you) had a husband and kids, it’s pretty likely to assume she’s female (though gay man with adopted children also works). Is there a cool artistic reason?

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