Diamond in the rough

Little Gemma Johnson
Was quite the catch, I’d heard them say
Though a little rough around the edges
She’d make a fine wife someday

Little did I know- t’was me
They’d arranged as her betroth
never having laid my eyes, on
This little diamond in the rough

The matrimonial day arrived
Our families filled the church
She lifted her veil for our first kiss
And my gut lept to a lurch

Eyes askance under twisted brow
Nose bent off to the side somehow
Lips so thick she couldn’t pucker
I knew right then, I couldn’t……

Whoa is me I can’t be wed
Alone is how I’ll stay in bed
She’s no diamond rough or other
If I have to wed, I’ll take her brother!

This was my entry this week in Chelsea Owens Terrible Poetry Contest. Our phrase prompt was : Diamond in the Rough.

Since I don’t require my writing to be PG- I took the liberty of tweaking one little line before I posted it here…..

My Little Diamond in the Rough…

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