Corner in a teepee

Photo Courtesy of Renee Heath

It’s hard to find a corner in a teepee, that’s what mother used to say. What she meant was it’s no use looking, for something that simply isn’t there.


But it was there. She had smelled its fetid breath, as it lowered its cumbersome core upon her, filling her with its icy countenance, making it impossible for her to scream.

It had been there. And the obtuse distention in her belly made her sure- it would be back.

As she crouched silently, clutching a honed teak stake borrowed from Grandpa’s old Adirondack chair, she knew- this time she’d be ready.

Word Count: 100
Written for Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt.


The Scent

In 1977 in North Olmsted, Ohio a 17 year old girl, named Yvonne Regler went to work at a local gas station/convenience store on a sunny summer afternoon- and just disappeared. The money was still in the till. She left her purse behind. There were no signs of foul play…

Like a wisp of smoke

trailing from the wick

of an outed candle,

she disappeared silently..

Slipped, from the light

into the dark..

The scent

of the burning wax

remained in the air

(an acceptable amount of time-

as we tucked ourselves away

safely in our soft suburban beds)

and then, like she-

was gone- without a trace…


sometimes when I breath

the tender curl

of her waxen smoke


as if from nowhere..

It will fill the air,

then just as quickly-

once again, be gone..

A gentle reminder

of an ordinary girl

on an ordinary day

in an ordinary place-

on extraordinary journey..

Long since removed

but never quite forgotten….

Posted for MLMM Prompt: Harbinger


button eyes by lady delirium

Button Eyes by Lady Delirium on deviantart

The epitome
Of naivety lingers
Only long enough
To hone the fated spike-
with which youth is impaled

A car pulls up alongside the bench, on which I’m sitting. He rolls down the window, smiles, and asks me if I’m ok. I tell him yes- not realizing my youthful demeanor betrays me- he knows I am alone, and have no place to stay.

I get in the car and we make the necessary small talk. Just long enough for the inevitable proposition to be made. And even though I know all along it’s coming, it takes a moment for me to translate what he’s saying.

I do my best to answer nonchalantly- to act as if I do this every day. I tell myself, ‘Just shut up and do it! You need the money. There IS no other way.”

Triumphant! I check into the room, I can afford now. I feel like god!  -until I am alone behind the door.

By necessity
forged, of molten circumstance
misguided invocation-
Casts a formidable tool

In response to Coleen’s Tanka Tuesday. #synonyms only for slow and work. my choices are italicized.

Special thanks to Misky’s Twiglet #111 phrase- behind the door

And Eugenia at BrewNSpew Cafe for the weekly prompt- epitome


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Carmina’s lackluster, cookie cutter existence was quickly put into perspective by a complete stranger- she never even saw- as simultaneously he jabbed what could only have been a gun into her back- and spat the words “Gimme your dough lady. All of it.” gruffly into her right ear.

Character Count: 280

A little something to get the creativity flowing this morning.. For Kat’s Twittering Tales, a story in 280 characters or less.


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

I acknowledge being broken

Yet find the moniker incomplete

In a world full of fragmented people

In that deviance alone, I’m not unique

Tho’ I walk amongst the myriads

I shun the mask I’ve been asked to wear

As broken though I may be

I remain unabashedly unashamed.

Rather, I’m proud that I am broken

Prouder still that I’ve retained

The pieces, fragments, shards

Of truth- Surrounding

all the lives I’ve led.

For I admit to being broken

At no other hand than my own

In pursuit of a life that few have led-

And even fewer have survived.

Word Count: 99

I wrote this in response to Carrot Ranch’s Word prompt- Shards, even though the prompt clearly called for a 99 word flash fiction story.

Whereas this is indeed the story of a life that seems to have gone by in a flash, I assure you, it is in no part fiction.