Trunk it.

She had developed a penchant for falling head over heals into obsession with men that would do little more than introduce utter chaos into her otherwise mundane existence.

As if on cue, each time she felt the chaotic life they had created together, spiraling out of control, her thoughts would become eschewed and she would find herself frantically searching for a way out..

It always ended up a fight or flight ultimatum and up until today- she had always chosen flight- tucked her proverbial tail between her legs, and run in the opposite direction…

Why on earth this time was any different, was anybody’s guess- perhaps she had grown up, or learned something, or was just plain tired of making bad decisions- but in the end, it mattered very little…

“You can think about that later, ” she admonished herself sharply, intellectually boxing up the entire exhausting equation and placing it on an fabricated shelf- at the moment, she had more important things to think about…

Like what the hell she was planning on doing with the body….

Posted as part of Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story Prompt. Cue word: Trunk

21 thoughts on “Trunk it.

    • Funny (or maybe not so funny)thing is I had a regular customer in a diner once who got arrested for putting the body of someone who died of a drug over dose in his car trunk and depositing it in the everglades. ‘Trunk it became’ a catch phrase in our circle, as twisted as that may sound, and that was my first thought for this.. But time constraints being what they are, I went with somethin much simpler to tell.. Yours was amazing and as soon as I have more free space in my brain I’m going back for a more intelligent read. Thanks for stopping by Clark!


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