Dirigible Dreams

Summer so full of whimsy
Gentle breeze without a care
When the leaves are green
and lush and full, and
I can float most anywhere

But winter is upon me now
The trees a gnarled brown
And an Inflatable
Can only dream
Left tethered to the ground

As it’s been said, and I believe:

that if I float away on a winter’s day- I’ll end up in a land far, far away- and I won’t be back till the month of May- and even then I’ll refuse to say- just where I was- and why I stayed…

Whew…..(expels big breath of hot air)

So instead of taking chances
I’ll wait right here, for warm sun beams
Doing what little Inflatables do
dreaming Dirigible dreams..

Written for Willow Poetry’s challenge, What Do You See?

20 thoughts on “Dirigible Dreams

  1. Ha ha, Violent and Crimsonprose, you had me in stitches as I read your comments. I do like lighter side of life once in a while. It does help me to breathe air once in a while. January I have been in the dumb-drum dark-side of the sun.
    Thank you for this write Violent, bringing sun into my day. I love the fact that you did not take the ride out but stay put. That’s is a huge step for staying in the moment.

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