Boleyn’s Bull

His Lordship was really starting to get on Anne’s nerves. He had been insufferable since the news of her betrothal was announced.

He had been in love with her since childhood. She had repeatedly told him the feelings were not mutual. Couldn’t he get that through his thick skull?

Having had enough, and worried His Lordship might try to argue his case with the King, Anne consulted the local apothecary. Had they anything to shut him up?

It turns out, they did.. A couple of drops in his goblet- he would become whatever she asked of him..

“Let’s have a glass of wine,” Anne suggested.

That’s when he started:

“…No one will ever love you as much as I do, your doing all three of us a great disservice…”

Exasperated, Anne screamed, “Shut up and drink you bull-headed rock!!!”

He gulped down his wine, and obliged her- on all counts….

Word Count: 150

This was written in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #12 Photo Prompt.

2 thoughts on “Boleyn’s Bull

  1. Like your story. Like that *bull-headed rock*, exceedingly fitting for the prompt. Though dangerously close (in rhyme to cock, which then ties in with Michael’s stone-balls). Look forward to seeing what you make of next week’s prompt. Though I haven’t decided yet what that will be. Something entirely different, me thinks.

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