button eyes by lady delirium

Button Eyes by Lady Delirium on deviantart

The epitome
Of naivety lingers
Only long enough
To hone the fated spike-
with which youth is impaled

A car pulls up alongside the bench, on which I’m sitting. He rolls down the window, smiles, and asks me if I’m ok. I tell him yes- not realizing my youthful demeanor betrays me- he knows I am alone, and have no place to stay.

I get in the car and we make the necessary small talk. Just long enough for the inevitable proposition to be made. And even though I know all along it’s coming, it takes a moment for me to translate what he’s saying.

I do my best to answer nonchalantly- to act as if I do this every day. I tell myself, ‘Just shut up and do it! You need the money. There IS no other way.”

Triumphant! I check into the room, I can afford now. I feel like god!  -until I am alone behind the door.

By necessity
forged, of molten circumstance
misguided invocation-
Casts a formidable tool

In response to Coleen’s Tanka Tuesday. #synonyms only for slow and work. my choices are italicized.

Special thanks to Misky’s Twiglet #111 phrase- behind the door

And Eugenia at BrewNSpew Cafe for the weekly prompt- epitome

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