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I acknowledge being broken

Yet find the moniker incomplete

In a world full of fragmented people

In that deviance alone, I’m not unique

Tho’ I walk amongst the myriads

I shun the mask I’ve been asked to wear

As broken though I may be

I remain unabashedly unashamed.

Rather, I’m proud that I am broken

Prouder still that I’ve retained

The pieces, fragments, shards

Of truth- Surrounding

all the lives I’ve led.

For I admit to being broken

At no other hand than my own

In pursuit of a life that few have led-

And even fewer have survived.

Word Count: 99

I wrote this in response to Carrot Ranch’s Word prompt- Shards, even though the prompt clearly called for a 99 word flash fiction story.

Whereas this is indeed the story of a life that seems to have gone by in a flash, I assure you, it is in no part fiction.

30 thoughts on “Unashamed

    • Some pieces are so sharp, so jagged, the only word that does them justice is shards- and it is for that reason I chose to use the actual word. Hell I’d already broken the prose vs poetry rule on the prompt, why not skip the word and up the anti… hahahah

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  1. Violet, you wrote a moving piece of poetry, using your life as the story to probe. And that’s fine! Carrot Ranch is a safe space for writers to explore their creativity and we are open to what you create within the constraint. It doesn’t have to be fiction. “Flash creative writing” doesn’t have the same umph for a catchy moniker, although it would be more accurate. Thanks for joining us!

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