Tucked away

tucked away inside my heart
where no one else can see
is everything that i have left
of who i used to be

you cannot tell by looking
you would never know to touch
as this clever veil of aging flesh
only lets you see so much

there’s a metal, dime store necklace
with a freebird on a chain
pieces of knotted leather, i wore
till they rotted off in vain

there’s a notebook full of poetry
from an adolescent age
as filled with dreams, desires, and love
as it is, with anger, hate, and rage

there’s a heart that’s once been broken
a couple of wedding rings
three souls that i gave life to-
but left behind, to find my wings

there are solo footprints in the sand
spiked stilettos on the stroll
there are walls of dope i hid behind
but never enough, to fill the hole

there are seas of faceless strangers
to whom i sold my bitter rind
and the one mans eyes, i let inside
my heart- my soul- my mind

yes, tucked away inside my heart
where no one else can see
is everything that i have left
of a girl who used to be….

Submitted MLMM Music Challenge Prompt: Broken

26 thoughts on “Tucked away

  1. Violet, this is very lovely and heart wrenching too. Thank you for participating! It reminds me of my university bookstore boss who said that even though she is 56 on the outside she still feels 21 on the inside. And I loved how on your poem this was both a good thing and a sad thing. Sad b/c your speaker always feel young, is a girl, despite her age on the outside. Joyful b/c of the growth and the gifts this speaker has given to the world through her body as it ages. I think that no matter our age, we have something to give. Thanks for sharing!

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