A Disorderly Confusion

The thing about being an addict, is it makes it impossible for you to ever feel full again. Because you’ve been sated. And you know what it feels like. It’s like living your life, with a hole in your soul. Even when it doesn’t ache to be filled with drugs, it’s a hole just the same.

Nothing ever seems to fill that void. Nothing ever alleviates it. Eventually even life steers clear- having realized it is no match…

Leaving behind a disorderly confusion, somewhat like the anti climatic moment your feet touch the ground, after having descend the slide on a Helter Skelter- that in retrospect, seems hardly worth the climb.

Word Count: 111

This in response to Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #91: Helter Skelter

17 thoughts on “A Disorderly Confusion

  1. I remember reading a memour-esque tale from you earlier that makes me think this one is at least informed by intimate knowledge and reality. You bring so much to this community with your unique insights coupled with just a *killer* ability to communicate in writing. I definitely appreciate getting to read your stuff, because it’s always so precious and urgent even if sad.

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