Pink Slip


Photo by tunaolger on Pixabay

long about 5:30,

the whole dang thang

jus’ took a shit…

i felt the final curtain

a commin’ down

-took ta spinin’

i had to sit…

set there fer

a good hour,

head a tucked


bu’tween my knees.

mama wadnna kiddin’

when she said

they’d be days like these…

i snapped a

ten weight

line a spittle

from the corner a my lip.

grabbed a half

drunk up bud wizer

can, like ta crush

under my grip.

tipped ‘er back

and took a swag

warm as piss-

it hit my throat.

i swallered hard,

finished her off,

and snatched up

the remote..

i mashed down

on the pow’r button

pinched off a chaw,

an took ta chewin’

flipped on past

the nightly news,,

don’t much care

what this country’s doin’….

when a man

can’t feed his chi’dren,

can’t keep a roof

over his wife.

when they come to take

your home-

the one damn thang

you worked fer all your life..

when you have ta hide

yer truck at night,

as they’s a wantin’

that back too..

when yer kids is sick,

but the doc’s moved on,

can’t afford

to treat the likes a you..

you can’t pay

too much nevermind

to the fallin’

a ol’ wall street

when they done handed

you your pink slip-

and ya ain’t sure

how yer kids is gone eat….

I am taking the liberty of posting this to Ragtag Daily Prompt as I believe the ability to immerse oneself in one’s character is as viable a use of the prompt as using the physical word in your text. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

2 thoughts on “Pink Slip

    • To have censored him in any way would have been a disservice. It would have been like translating a proverb in a foreign language word for word, The underlying emotion would most certainly have been lost. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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