Photo Courtesy of H R R Gorman

Henry, Ryan, and Ronnie, better known as The Three Wise Men, were the brainiacs of the campus, but that didn’t stop them from hitting the beach for Spring Break.

Anxious to shed their cloaks of overachievement, they stripped to their trunks and hit The Tiki. Legend had it, that the throngs of drunken babes in thongs would be so plentiful there- even they could score.

A couple of beers into it, their tongues were freed, and they engaged a trio of tipsy babes in bikinis in some over stimulating conversation. A few slammers after that, tongues were being spoken, and spirits be praised- the majority of that conversation was in French. A toast or two to the God of Drink, Bacchus…..

And they were waking up, thick tongued, tasting like last semester’s sneakers, twistedly praying that the snoring hirsute in a thong- in bed betwixt them- was not another guy….

Word Count: 150

Grateful to H R R Gorman for the photo and FFfAW for the venue.

26 thoughts on “HR&R

  1. I just found out this afternoon that InLinkz is doubling the price of their membership and I am not going to pay it. There will be no more FFfAW challenges. Thank you so much for your participation and I have enjoyed getting to know you!

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