Mrs. Chambers

Photo: Susan Spaulding

It was almost time to say goodbye. From this moment forward, Karen would no longer be Mrs. Chambers, everybody’s favorite second grade teacher. As the class gathered round, she could do little to quell the silent trickle of tears.

Teaching had been her lifelong dream, and she had excelled at it. Winning numerous awards as District Teacher of the Year, even being spotlighted on a PBS program about the local teachers “that are changing the way our kids learn.”

In the classroom she had always been more than a teacher. Advocate, Confidant, Social Worker being just a few of the many hats she had donned in an effort to ‘cultivate a soil suitable for learning’ in the children entrusted to her care.

It had been a hard wrought decision. Her career had been her first love. Some would say it was her life.

But her son Jordan needed her right now. Without a stay at home parent the rehab facility he had called his home for the last eighteen months would only release him as a ward of the court.

Even her picture perfect standing in the community could not withstand that.

Word Count: 192

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

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