Aditi found it as she and her aaya walked to school, vigilant eyes scouring the mounds for things to sell. A bright blue flash amidst the debris floating in a swale between the heaps.

She was afraid to touch it. She had seen many fall ill, even die as a result of salvaging items from the gullies, as their waters bred evil spirits Aaya called Diseases. But the facemask of Raju Ra, Chakra the Invincible? Surely it could only bring good fortune.

Quickly, she feigned a stumble, scooped it up, and tucked it in her blouse..

All day, she kept it hidden there.. Running her fingers over the slick blue foil, pondering the great blessings sure to be bestowed upon her.

Walking home thru Annawadi, she slipped it on.

When Aayi asked, she would say it had been a gift from Mansi.

This would be the first of many lies.

Word count: 150

This is my response to What Pegman Saw in Mumbai India.

20 thoughts on “Aditi

      • I was thinking the same thing, but it seems the type of item that might have an interesting backstory — how did it get there in the first place — and also makes me wonder what games of pretend she might play with it, while she has it.

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  1. You’ve written a lovely, imaginative story. I’m impressed at the way you carry the story arc beyond the end of the text by the simple device “This would be the first of many lies.” Definitely an occasion when less is more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the details throughout, the tainted spirits in the water, the trash heaps and the magical draw of that superhero mask. What child wouldn’t want to wear that? I wonder where her lies will take her? Great writing Violet

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