Miss Daniels

Photo courtesy of Priya Baipal

Legendary stories of Miss Daniels deftness with a yardstick had been passed down for three generations immortalizing her as the meanest teacher alive.

So when news of her passing began to circulate, it was surreal. After all legends just don’t die.

Rev. Hickey set out note cards at the viewing to collect reminiscence words of wisdom for his eulogy. The outpouring of love was overwhelming. The word ‘mean’ was never mentioned once. He poured over them for hours before deciding on just one.

“Never measure your own accomplishments on another man’s ruler, when your own yardstick has much greater reach.”

Word Count: 100

Photo prompt supplied by Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Rochelle!


28 thoughts on “Miss Daniels

  1. With all the fear of lawsuits from parents, the departments of education, principals non-supportive, and kids kinda knowing they rule the classroom, discipline and focus has gone out the window. Never liked getting hit, but the hitters rarely had anything untoward happening in class.

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