T’was her ‘eyes of porcelain and of blue’, that ensnared me from the start- like daggers edge they cut me thru- thrust passions blade- into my cold dead, heart..

They seared past years of frozen flesh, pierced sinew, shattered bone- carved out a place inside my soul-  my will- now hers alone..

To be granted the privilege of breathing the air she exhaled into the night, I sacrificed- no cursed-  no damned- all that I knew to be right…

Soothingly she sucked me in, entangled me, entwined, till lost in greedful, lusting flesh, I slipped past the last safeguard- of my merely mortal mind..

She arched and curled around me now, sliding her lips of scarlet silk, over mouth, past chin, down curve of throat-  alas to sup- my heady crimson milk…

As she drained from me life’s sweetest succor, I found her anything but cruel- for I emerge the sated host- from her cursed immortal renewal…

Six Sentence Story courtesy of Girlie on the Edge

‘eyes of porcelain and of blue’, Lyrics from Bye Bye Love by The Cars

*Madder Defined Adjective- wildly excited or confused; frantic:         overcome by desire, eagerness, enthusiasm, etc.; excessively or uncontrollably fond; infatuated:

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