Old Sean

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Akshata Ram.

Old Sean was a peg legged sea cook, headed off to the Final Frontier, when he got drunk on a swing on the side of the road, and well he just never left there.

In a makeshift kitchen gazebo, he whipped up stews and gazpachos galore, till he added an adobe oven, then he baked crusty breads, fluffy biscuits and more.

Tho’ he loved his snow fort in the forest, his peg leg heart how it longed for the sea, so he caught a ride with a witchity waitress, on a broom she called Mr. McGee.

Now McGee was a broom with a mind of his own, and put a twist on the witchity waitress’ command, to the sea they did fly- that part he got right, but they could not get him to land.

So Old Sean set his peg leg on fire, if it’s one thing brooms don’t like it’s a flame, McGee stopped with a jolt- dropped Old Sean on a boat, that just lost their cook- in a card game!

Word Count : 174

Photo Prompt courtesy of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


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