In Plain Sight

Welcome to the Twelfth and final round of the Annual In Plain Sight Competition.

This years finals are set in the Great Southwestern Desert, a particularly unforgiving location where the arid temperatures may reach upward of 125 degrees, and the only hydration available to the Seekers will be the small flask they carry in with them.

Yes, folks, this is set to be one of the most grueling competitions ever waged here at IPS.

Those of you that brought your own VR helmets may don them now and join in the search from the comfort of your own chair.

For the rest of us the wifi monitors above will be live through out the competition.

There we are, I believe the location is live for us now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we have all be waiting for.

With the Seekers safely secluded, we will, for the first time be able to see the object that this whole competition revolves around. The object that our producers are willing to bet big money- will be able to elude our Seekers.

The object that is in fact hidden- In Plain Sight..

Eyes on the monitors, and Good Luck..

Baby Porcupine

Word Count: 196

Desert Photo Prompt courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction


18 thoughts on “In Plain Sight

  1. Ha. That cutie does look like he’s mixed in with the cactus blooms. 😉
    A fun read and an interesting challenge to boot.
    I sort of had a hidden treasure in plain sight – our local heron flew over my roof this morning – I grabbed my camera and ran out do a photo capture and got some good shots too. Once I get them in my pc I might share them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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