Sorry… I’m stuck on dialogue this week…

Photo Courtesy of Yarnspinnerr

“Your baklava is not as good as Medzmama’s.”

“Because Medzmama took her precious recipes to the grave.”

“So we would always remember her?”

“So that we would always remember she was a better cook than any of us.”

“What do you want to be remembered for, Mama?”

“Such talk! Don’t be silly!”

“I’m not being silly Mama, I really want to know.”

“I want to be remembered. Remembered, that’s all. That’s good enough for me.”

“Not for me. I want to be the one that decides who is remembered for what- so that no more precious recipes end up in the grave!”

“Ok then Miss Remembered for What- you tell me, what will I be remembered for?”

“You my darling mother will be remembered as the only one of her sisters that never grew larger than her wedding dress.”

“So you want that I should be remembered as a vain woman?”

“No! As a bad cook! Because your baklava is nowhere near as good as Medzmama’s!”


Word Count: 167

FFfAW #197

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