A degree of normalcy

Who ever you are, whatever you’re doing, Merry Christmas..

“Hey there Suga’,, com’ere com’ere com’ere, you looking for a date for Christmas Eve?

“Fine then- go, get the H E double hockey sticks off my street while you still can- GO!”

“Com’ere, com’ere, com’ere, Suga’, I bet you got some candy- and I’m just dyin’ for something sweet to eat..”

(Santa Baby ringtone)

“Hey Baby, you should be asleep already, you know Santa’s coming tonight, and I’m out here looking for him right now, so I can tell him where we’re living, so he can bring you all the stuff you told him you wanted..”

“I know, I know  Baby, I miss you too- and I love YOU soooo much and I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“We ARE gonna have a real Christmas- well, I don’t know about a tree, but- NO you do not open the door to anyone- I don’t care if it is Santa Claus!!”

Courtesy of Six Sentence Stories- Sugar


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