Despite the bad blood between them, Edwina would not deny her kids the Christmas tradition of going to Gramma’s for dinner- not even if she had to bite her tongue and sit on her hands the whole time they were there..

So here they were merging onto the exit ramp minutes from her mom’s house, six kids in various states of undress sandwiched into the tightly packed Land Rover looking more like an ill fitting jigsaw puzzle than the picture of the well manicured family she had hoped to present to her mother.

“OK, kids. Five minutes till Gramma’s. Get your shoes on, shirts tucked in and get ready to behave. You know the drill..”

“Hey Mom? I can’t find my shoes.” Little Charlie chirped from the way back amidst the store bought cookies and kid wrapped presents for Gramma.

“Keep looking, they gotta be there somewhere.” Edwina countered blandly eyes fixed on the road.

‘Oh no they don’t.” Chris, the eldest, chuckled from the passenger’s seat as he queued up a picture on his phone, and debated on whether or not to share it with his mother now, or just enjoy the bedlam that was about to ensue..

Photo by Adam Ickes

Word Count: 199

Photo prompt Courtesy of Friday Fictioneers

58 thoughts on “Bedlam

  1. Dear Violet,

    Bedlam is the perfect title when six kids are crammed into a land rover. Officer Purple here, I walk the same beat as Dale. I echo her comments. 😉 I hope we all make it to Grandma’s in one piece. You set the scene well.



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