Par(t)cel post

Word Count: 100

It had long since become common knowledge that her husband had boarded a flight to parts that remain unknown, taking with him the sum total of their accumulated wealth…

To anyone that might inquire, Emily would simply smile and say, “I’m picking up the pieces.”

And she was… Literally.

Piece by piece she had wrapped him in blue tape and bubble wrap, and mailed him off to that lovely man they had met on their last trip abroad- the one who had agreed to place a few collectibles in cold storage for them-  for a small sum of course.

Prompt courtesy of Friday Fictioneers

51 thoughts on “Par(t)cel post

  1. i was confused about the title. was it pun or what? then after reading your story, it became clear. anyway, what kind of a husband would deserve this extravagance? think about the risk and the expense. he must really be special. she could have just thrown in into a vat of acid and be done with it.

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