It was dark.

Photo: Jodi Mckinney


From the sleeper, she could hear the truck downshifting, and awoke with a start.

He was sitting on her chest. The fat, bald, truck driver- the one that had offered to take her as far as Memphis- was sitting on her chest. Straddling her. His thick legs holding her arms tight at her sides.

“Come on now. Take it..”

She did.

What else could she do? He was sitting on her chest.

When he was done- he was done.. He wanted her out of the truck…

She would have stayed… She had nowhere to go… It was dark..

Word Count: 98


Photo Prompt courtesy of FFFAW



20 thoughts on “It was dark.

  1. This was so powerful and horrifying and left me feeling like I need to take a shower to wash the grime off me. But this was exceptionally well done, to be able to write a scene like that but not go too much in the details, to have enough restraint to let the scene play out in each of our heads as we would imagine it without directing it for us, it’s truly just so well done, Violet.

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  2. It’s interesting to see how disgusting I can imagine this by simply a few lines. I also feel pretty bad for the main character, having nowhere to go and thinking that this horror is the best she can get!

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