Last Call

Word Count: 200

She had met Geoffrey online. He was handsome, mysterious and devastatingly rich. Everything she had ever wanted in a man, and more than she could ever have hoped to catch had she remained Katie Shaw, hash slinging single mom from Seattle.

So she had reinvented herself. She had become Katerina Du Shaun, smart, single, sexy, everything a self made man like Geoffrey would be looking for in a wife. She had worked him long and hard, and finally he had asked her to fly to London and marry him.

“Last call to board flight 764 to New York LaGuardia at gate 27C. Last call to board…”

She dropped her Washington State ID in the flushing commode, grabbed her overnight case and took off without even stopping to wash her hands. It was imperative that she make this flight. It would have her at LaGuardia in time to make her transatlantic connection, and at this moment in time, that was all that mattered.

She almost looked back to see if her son Alex was still standing in the center of  the crowd watching their luggage-  waiting for her to return from the restroom.

But decided against it at the last minute.

Photo prompt courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction


16 thoughts on “Last Call

  1. Katie Shaw is planning to buy what by marrying a millionaire? She is even leaving her son behind using a false identity. Some woman, she either ambitious or hiding something terrible.

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