The Gossips

The Secret Ingredient’ by Maria Laura Bratoz

“he’s as twisted as his pretzels

the bakers awful son.”

“it’s a wonder he ever makes a cent

after all he’s said and done.”

“he will charge you top crust dollar

for the goods of yesterday.”

“he’d sell the same wares all week long

if he could have his way.”

“..and his fathers such a sweet man

all old and bent and blind

but a full days work he’ll still put in

as his name is on the sign.”

“he mustn’t have an inkling

about his twisted awful son”

“or else he doesn’t want to know

what we know about that one…”

“he’s been sullied with the seamstress.”

“he’s meddled with our maid!”

“see, he’s winking at the bar wench-

bet she’ll meet him in the shade…”

“or back in some dank ally”

“or hall that’s never used”

“he’ll add her surely to his list

of ladies that he’s used…”

“and sure that would be one thing

if he just had his way

but no he’s got to talk it up

to his bar mates every day…”

“then the men come home

and tell their wives the stories that he’s told

and that’s the reason we won’t buy

his twisted bread-  as surely its day old!”


Prompt courtesy of dVerse Poetry pub


12 thoughts on “The Gossips

  1. Brilliant Violet, brilliant! Loved this, it read like galloping on a horse… swift and steady – and great fun!

    Here is something I wrote originally in 1994 for Halloween. It’s in the poetic form of your piece here. It’s a little dark, as Halloween tales tend to be – but you might like it? If you don’t, sorry, just erase the link.

    Bloody Sue


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