Lighthouse Keeper

Photo Credit Susan Spaulding


They met in the spring of 1972, at a showing of A Clockwork Orange which failed miserably to impress either of them. In fact the only thing they took away from it was a mutual fondness for a one minute clip on the soundtrack called “I want to marry a lighthouse keeper”.

They clicked. Right away, and by summer they were inseparable. Neither of them had ever been in love before, so when it hit them, no amount of being together could satisfy their appetites for each other.

Summer soon turned into fall and previous college commitments called them off in different directions. They tearfully pledged to keep in touch.. But life went on, as life often does and they fell out of touch.

One of them married a girl and set up housekeeping in the city. But that didn’t last long and soon the grapevine reported a divorce was in the works.

Not long after that that they saw each other quite by accident across the room at a gay little bar in West Hollywood.

One whispered, “We could live in a lighthouse, baby,”

And was answered in kind, “A white one by the bay.”

Ya-da ta-da-da

Word Count: 198





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