Thanks Nessie!

Word count: 200

When our plane landed in the depths of darkness, we were ambushed by a flood of locals all offering guided tours, at sums we had neither the time nor the inclination to convert into dollars.

With hunger as a motivator we made our way through the maze of dimly lit streets, which would have been better navigated by a guyed wire than the street signs written in a fury of local languages, to a brightly lit street-side cafe that called to us with colorful natives and inviting exotic aromas.

Over a delicious meal of fried plantains and a popular local maize dish, called Fanfom, we met a local chap named Awiei, whom we instantly fell in love with. When he explained that in Twi, his native language, his name meant termination, then segued right into his best Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.” imitation and asked us to call him Arnold, we knew we had found a friend!

That evening, as we settled into our hotel room I wrote out a quick thank you to the Ghana Travel Agent back home that I would never have even known existed had it not been for that clapboard sign advertising ‘Proof’ that Nessie Exists!

11 thoughts on “Thanks Nessie!

  1. Nice one, Violet. I didn’t even notice the sigh until you mentioned it. I was so focused on the newspaper headline about Nessie. This was a fun read.

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  2. Isn’t it strange and wonderful how Arnold is so popular in remote parts of the globe. That is the power of media. I hope you had a great time in Ghana guided by Twi alias Arnold.

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