Just an old metal-head at heart, I heard some lyrics thrashing about in my brain when I combined the Weekend Writing Prompt- illumination and the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge- comparison. Let the headbanging begin.

Word Count: 73

Illuminate the lunacy
Crumble the conspiracy
Contagious by comparison
Dominate the denizen

Incarcerate the innocent
Deify the deviant
Desecrate by decadence
Propagate the petulance

Damn your ears- hear nothing they say
Sew closed your eyes- before you can’t look away
Cut out your tongue- lest their words you speak
Strengthen your arms- as they scapegoat the weak!

Let their own lies ensnare them-
Predator become prey
When actions condemn
Turnabout is fair play

15 thoughts on “Turnabout

  1. Ooh this a little dark, but I do like it. I can never stick to a word count, so well done. Thank you for linking to us at Weekly Prompts. We have good imaginations, we don’t need your photos so please don’t worry about that. No rules, anything goes! 🙂

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  2. Two words: Go Mueller!
    Although I think your words are more universal than present concerns, I pictured the sand dials as being the four year variety. I will hang on and keep voting. I might be reading more or less into this than intended, but well done

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      • I was projecting your poem onto the current Trumpian bent to American politics, your lyrics describe so much of what is happening here. My “Go Mueller” cheer was a little hope that independent counsel Robert Mueller might be allowed to continue his careful work and bring so many of the lies to light. This was just my particular lens just now. Do you have music to go with this? A little thrash or warrior punk would fit it perfectly.

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