Page 97 Line 4

This is in response to The Haunted Wordsmith’s Page 97 Line 4 challenge, where in you open a book and take the fourth line on the 97th page as your inspiration.

The book I had closest hand was The Glass Palace By Amitav Ghosh

The fourth line on the 97th page was:

“Dust, torchlight, soldiers, crowds of people whose faces are invisible in..”

A vibration, other-worldly in tone, accompanied Tsuki’s life force as it exited her earthly vessel, thus assuring no one would ever know the extent of the depravity she had suffered during the time she had been held captive in Kowloon Walled City.

Transformed by death, even exorcised of her tortured soul, the ravaged woman-child looked nothing like the boarding school photograph her parents had supplied the authorities with when they reported her missing a few short months ago.

Some would call this closure.


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