I came across a brilliant piece of writing first thing this morning, entitled Resting Place by Dark Netizen

With his permission I used his scenario as a jumping off place for this little piece of flash that I wrote in response to his Wacky Weekend Challenge- Water

Word count: 100

As the silent homage to our fallen leader concluded, clean water, considered contraband and as such a most precious commodity, was sprinkled over the crude headstone symbolizing our willingness to sacrifice whatever it takes, even one’s own life, if called upon by The Alliance to do so.

All of us knew that this was an oath that one of us would soon be given direction to honor as payment for the conjuring should terms be agreed upon with the necromancer.

And there was not one among us who was not secretly lusting for the opportunity to be the chosen one.

7 thoughts on “Necromancer

      • Oops, sorry, I seldom critique writing unless I am asked to do so but, because of my current work, I am perhaps ultra-critical just now.
        My thoughts, for what they are worth, bearing in mind that I am a writer, not an editor:
        The first sentence is long, but it worked for me. I found the second sentence difficult to read, and felt it could be broken down. I doubt that you need my help to do this, but feel free to ask.
        The repetition of ‘called upon’ can be avoided.
        ‘one’s own life’ requires a possessive apostrophe.
        ‘who’ instead of ‘that’ before ‘was not secretly’.
        I would have said nothing in my initial comment except that I liked your overall concept, your writing in general, and certain turns of phrase.
        And ‘lusting’ is an inspired word in the context.
        Can I also say that I am impressed by your reaction to my uninvited criticism.
        Your desire to improve is commendable.
        I wish you well.

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