Oil Can

Photo by Nick Allen

The first young comic of the evening was introduced, took center stage, grabbed the mic from the stand and opened her mouth to speak…

Instead, her vision blurred, her stomach cramped, her ears rang, and sweat began trickling down her scalp..

She was stuck, frozen, could not move, speak, nothing.

In effort to regain her composure, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened her mouth once again.

What came out was nearer to a croak and sounded faintly reminiscent of the tin man,

“Oooooiiillll ccccaaaannnn”

And the audience, convinced they had just witnessed comedic genius, applauded madly…

Word Count: 100


Thanks Nessie!

Word count: 200

When our plane landed in the depths of darkness, we were ambushed by a flood of locals all offering guided tours, at sums we had neither the time nor the inclination to convert into dollars.

With hunger as a motivator we made our way through the maze of dimly lit streets, which would have been better navigated by a guyed wire than the street signs written in a fury of local languages, to a brightly lit street-side cafe that called to us with colorful natives and inviting exotic aromas.

Over a delicious meal of fried plantains and a popular local maize dish, called Fanfom, we met a local chap named Awiei, whom we instantly fell in love with. When he explained that in Twi, his native language, his name meant termination, then segued right into his best Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.” imitation and asked us to call him Arnold, we knew we had found a friend!

That evening, as we settled into our hotel room I wrote out a quick thank you to the Ghana Travel Agent back home that I would never have even known existed had it not been for that clapboard sign advertising ‘Proof’ that Nessie Exists!


Just an old metal-head at heart, I heard some lyrics thrashing about in my brain when I combined the Weekend Writing Prompt- illumination and the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge- comparison. Let the headbanging begin.

Word Count: 73

Illuminate the lunacy
Crumble the conspiracy
Contagious by comparison
Dominate the denizen

Incarcerate the innocent
Deify the deviant
Desecrate by decadence
Propagate the petulance

Damn your ears- hear nothing they say
Sew closed your eyes- before you can’t look away
Cut out your tongue- lest their words you speak
Strengthen your arms- as they scapegoat the weak!

Let their own lies ensnare them-
Predator become prey
When actions condemn
Turnabout is fair play